Penticton Chamber Theatre’s “The Travelling Ones” Looking for Volunteers

Penticton Chamber Theatre’s “The Travelling Ones” is Seeking Volunteers for :

 1. A Stage Manager for 1st production of the year “Great Sentimental Value-Big Reward”. Duties are: confirming date times and locations with our Project Manager, beginning Feb 16th (with other proposed dates of Feb 19th 20th,27th March 2nd and perhaps March 27th).  Most performances take place at 2pm with perhaps as few as 2 in the early evening (7pm “ish”) The show itself only takes about 35 minutes.

Stage Manager would be required to act as liaison with each of the senior center locations contact persons, and would make sure the actors are in place and have everything they require for each performance.  Position could involve responsibility for shuttling the props and set items.

All items should fit in a car & are easily transportable, as the chairs required, should fit on the back or front seat and the other items in one large cardboard box. The cast will provide some assistance in setting these up.

2.PCT is also “still” looking for a volunteer to step up to take over Treasurer duties. This position is critical to effective management of this volunteer community theatre group’s well-being! Why not you? It is not a lot of work, usually no more than an hour or less per month! Interested? Email, Or message us via Penticton Chamber Theatre’s Facebook Page.

3. Penticton Chamber Theatre is seeking volunteer hoping to gain Stagecraft experience. This set building project will ultimately result in the creation of the “skeleton” of a light rapid transit car (San Francisco Bart Car). Although the project assembly will take place in a late March through May time frame, this production needs to have someone committed to the project in place as soon as possible. The project requires basic carpentry skills, and (somewhat oddly) preferable, if the individual had some experience in working with irrigation pipe and fittings. Physical requirements are such that you would need to be capable of lifting and moving 4×8’ sheets of plywood &/or mdf/ particleboard. Tools provided. The Set Design is in place, however because it is likely that this set may need to be able to be partly disassembled in order to be moved to and from different venues, we are seeking individual(s) who enjoy inventive and creative approaches to problem solving. Retired individuals &/or people with flexible schedules might be best suited to a project of this type but we want to hear from you, if this sparks your interest. Please address your inquiries Attention Bryan at or message us via Penticton Chamber Theatre’s Facebook Page

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